1.LACK OF DISCIPLINEIt all comes down to self control. Self control helps you avoid temptations and distractions .Its impossible to focus on your goals without self control, This might mean suffering and abstaining from temptations temporarily or permanently. The major obstacle on your road to success are distractions and those habits you can’t abstain from.


It’s very easy to copy what others are doing,that way you are directly competing with them you’ll either get nothing or the same thing they are getting.

Our society rewards those who manage to go against trends successfully.

Have the courage to go against existing opinions. Do things differently . Think outside the box according to your talent and innate strength


I personally struggle with this one, setting a goal and getting so anxious looking at pros that have been there for a very long time and wanting to be like them ,you end up realizing how high you still have to climb then you hear that voice in your head "I don’t think i can ever be like this"you can be alot better but it takes time to gather experience. Set small goals and make sure you achieve them keep moving in few years you’ll become a pro.


Your dream to succeed so easily and smoothly won’t work .it’s easy to give up as things gets tough ,that way you can save yourself the stress and pain but you’re denying yourself the chance of becoming successful.Have it in mind it won’t be easy, things won’t go smoothly


At times it can be difficult for us to acknowledge our open to accepting valuable feedback,some critiques are valuable. Know that you are not perfect.

In difficult and tough situations feedback and advice are valuable.




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Brand promotion&growth

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