Logo design is not fashion design you’re not to follow trend . Brands like Pepsi,Apple, Cocacola have their logos standing out ,your logo style shouldn’t be like that of your competitors.


1.LACK OF DISCIPLINEIt all comes down to self control. Self control helps you avoid temptations and distractions .Its impossible to focus on your goals without self control, This might mean suffering and abstaining from temptations temporarily or permanently. …

Taking a U-turn and starting all over again could actually means moving forward.Moving forward in the wrong direction is waste of time and stagnancy.

Its okay to start again, this time you’re not a newbie you’ve gathered experience.

Your self development is your personal responsibility. Make sure you’re learning and growing.

You might be struggling with what kind of business to start or what niche to choose.Its okay, try out differen’t things keep learning, you’ll figure it out.

Don’t leave God out of your business it could be alot easier you know pray,sow seeds,fast if you have to. You can work hard and still fail let him help you.

As you’re working hard don’t forget to be a good person

Your customers will only be those that knows the services you render.Only those that are aware will patronize you so, priortize meeting new people, introduce yourself to new friends on social media,carry your business card everywhere you go.
Just that one person can change everything overnight

There’s a difference between a logo and flyer.A logo is like a symbol that represents your brand.Your logo should not contain your contact info,the image or list of your products e.t.c

Many business owners and graphic designers make this mistake your logo is for your band identification not for advert,since its your identity it should be used as display pictures not flyers

Starting a brand your goal in the first year should be growth and your brand awareness.Starting a business with the aim of making quick money will cause you to loose motivation when you’re not getting paid.

GROWTH first, money will follow.


Brand promotion&growth

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